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DHK Approved Dog Trainers are forward thinking, professional, highly skilled dog trainers based all over the country who run their own successful dog training businesses.

They are all members of force free positive dog training associations and as such, have had their training assessed by an independent training body. Some of the DHK Approved Dog Trainers will also be highly qualified canine behaviourists. All Approved DHK Trainers will have undertaken a course(s) at the DHK HQ and been individually assessed, to become part of our highly accomplished dog training family.

Each DHK Approved Trainer will be a full member of at least one of the following dog training associations:

  • The Association of Pet Dog Trainers – A.P.D.T.
  • The Institute of Modern Dog Trainers – I.M.D.T.
  • Gwen Bailey’s Puppy School
  • Victoria Stilwell Positively Dog Training – V.S.P.D.T.
  • The Animal Behaviour Training Council – A.B.T.C.

Level One Approved Trainers

Will be able to help with all training for the DHK Puppy Training Programme and help prepare both dog and owner for their DHK Entry Test. Dog Training will be provided during the year both as a class course(s) and on a one-one basis. They will be a School Dog’s ‘go to’ trainer to help with all general training queries in the first year, especially when the School Dog is a puppy! These trainers will also visit the School Dog’s school/college environment as a representative of the charity and undertake a DHK Puppy Welfare Assessment to check that the welfare standards for the DHK puppy are at the standard required by the charity and everything is being provided for the wellbeing of the School Dog.

Level Two Approved Trainers

Will provide all training a level one trainer provides, as well as being there to provide help, training and advice for each School Dog during the two year School Dog Training Programme. During this time they will visit the school/college environment and undertake spot checks on the School Dog and their owner with regards to their training and welfare. They will also provide one-one training to help a School Dog prepare for each of the 6 assessments during the two year programme.



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