The DHK Approved Trainers Programme


Criteria to become a DHK Approved Dog Trainer

The following is a list of criteria that is required before you apply for the DHK Approved Dog Trainers Programme.

1) You must have been teaching force free/positive dog training for a minimum of 5 years. You must also be a clicker based dog trainer.

2) Ideally (but not essential) be a member of at least one of the following dog training associations:-

  • The Association of Pet Dog Trainers – A.P.D.T.
  • The Institute of Modern Dog Trainers – I.M.D.T.
  • Gwen Bailey’s Puppy School
  • Victoria Stilwell Positively Dog Training – V.S.P.D.T.
  • International Companion Animal Network – ICAN
  • The Animal Behaviour Training Council – A.B.T.C

3) You must run your own successful dog training business

4) You must teach fun trick training at your classes

5) You must attend dog-related courses, workshops, seminars and conferences at least once a year

6) Having a qualification in canine behaviour would be desirable, but is not essential/required

7) You must be happy to help train a School Dog puppy for at least the first year of its life


Criteria to become a DHK Support Dog Trainer

If you have not been training dogs for 5 years, but meet the rest of the criteria of a DHK Approved Dog Trainer, then we would love to hear from you. Experience with dogs is equally important and you may be eligible to become one of our DHK Support Dog Trainers. Once you meet the 5 year dog training fulfilment, you will automatically be eligible to join as a DHK Approved Dog Trainer.


How do I apply to become a DHK Trainer – both Approved and Support?

You must fill out the application form in its entirety and return to the DHK HQ with the following:-

1) A copy of your membership certificate of each dog training association you are a full member of.

2) A 5 minute film (please provide in DVD format) showing you teaching the following at your dog training classes:-

  • The Wait
  • The Stay
  • The Recall

3) A list of all the dog courses, workshops, seminars and conferences you have attended since becoming a dog trainer. You may be asked to provide evidence for the last three.

4) If you have a behavioural qualification please provide a copy of the qualification you have gained.

5) A cheque for the full amount as stated on the application form – if you pass the assessment, your membership is included in this price.


What does the DHK Trainers course involve?

The course will be held at the DHK HQ in North Devon, during which time your dog training will be assessed

This course will include the following:-

  • Learning all about Dogs Helping Kids and how we work
  • Learn about how we work in schools and colleges
  • Learn about our Dog Training Programmes – both the puppy and the school dog programmes
  • Meet some of our Certified DHK School Dogs
  • Learn about what is required by you as a dog trainer to gain level one status and level two status.

The Approved Dog Training Assessment will consist of teaching some dogs and their owners one of your own personal dog training lessons of your choice – this will then give us a good idea of the standard of training you offer, how you personally train, and the content you teach on a weekly basis.


Why become a DHK Approved Dog Trainer and a DHK Support Dog Trainer?

You will be part of a unique national charity that is training amazing dogs to help children and teenagers all over the country – your contribution really will make a difference to the lives of these children and teenagers as you will have played a part in the training of our DHK School Dogs. You will also be representing the charity in your part of the country, which is something we really value as a small charity!

Once you are an Approved/Support DHK Dog Trainer we will provide you with the following:-

  • An official DHK Approved/Support Dog Trainers logo, which you can use on any of your dog training correspondence
  • A profile on our DHK Charity website which will also help advertise your dog training business
  • A feature on our DHK Facebook page
  • An annual invitation to our DHK Conference
  • New clients (this cannot be guaranteed) - All School Dog clients in your area will have to come to your training classes – this will be the criteria for them to join this charity with their new puppy.






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